real friendship is sending them a link to something terrible so you can both be traumatized at the same time




Book 4: Rebirth sounds like a great idea for a title because

  • The Earth Kingdom has collapsed, and needs to be restored.
  • We’re witnessing the revival of the Air Nomads, obviously, and their existence amongst the other nations for the first time in 170 years.
  • It sets up an emotionally…


Why is it the more skin this boy covers the more I want him




me gusta cuando ponen tags en español

Enserio? Ay :’D que bueno,porque es un poco cansado hablar en gringo

hablar…gringo… dios.


Just posted by Jeremy Zuckerman!  This composition is divine.

"Wanted to share this little thing with ya’all. It’s a cue from a scene from an episode from a season. Korra lives!!"

Did some henna tattoos last week, which was cool because it was like actualizing the white board art that was pretty much the first thing I ever posted. I’d say over all, I did pretty good for my first time.

Thanks to my friend CJ @bogue-buffalo I finally got the initiative to make a camp half-blood t-shirt! It only took me like a month to re-read all the PJO books and all the heroes of Olympus books, but I still got/have the same amount of feels toward those books. So, now I’m just really excited for the new book in October and getting to show off my shirt at the book store!